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True California Style…

Steve McQueen & Darryl Hannah exude true California Style…Irresistible, Alpha Individuals always ready for Action & Fun in the Sun….

McQueen with Triumph Rickman Metisse - The Guy knows his Gear

McQueen's Hollywood driveway with '63 Ferrari Lusso • Shidizzle !

Devastating Darryl • Malibu 1992


Clint, Steve & Peter Styling it in the 7o’s !


Clint Eastwood-On the Set of 2 Mules for Sister Sara-1970. There's just a Certain Amount of Style you Don't See very often anymore...in People, Clothes, Wheels...These Guys set the mark..Marilyn Manson & Justin Timberlake weren't even Specks in Space. CandyAsses.



Steve McQueen & XKSS D-type Jaquar, Trancas Beach Malibu, 1974


2nd Generation Hollywood Royalty Peter Fonda- Cannes 1978 –


Peter Fonda - 6.3 Mercedes- Pure EuroTrash Style 1978