! Senoritas y Senores ~ Vaya con Dios Siempre !

About Federico ~

Federico de California is a 4th Generation Los Angeleno • Born & raised in a California Adobe on motorcycles, Mid Century Architecture, HotRods, Beach & Surf Culture, Fashion, Rock & Roll, Jazz, Sun, Sand, Mountains, Hollywood, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs & California Culture. He is a Graphic, Apparel, Product & Branding Designer by trade. His Heart is in Preserving, Celebrating, Learning and Sharing what he Knows About the California Style, Way of Life and its Unique Stamp on the World…


Visit me and my work at www.coroflot.com/fredhilldesign

Hola ~ Bienvenidos Senoritas y Senores !
I would like to Welcome you all To Federico de California !

Here we will Explore California Pop Culture, Vintage Surf & Beach Culture, Rock & Roll, Latinos y Los Angelenos, Fashion, Motorama, Legendary California Hot Rodding & Car Culture, Architecture, Anything Remotely Interesting & Influential as Only We Californians Can Do..!

Dedicated to My True California Boys,

My Dad, F.H. Sr., & My Grandfather, E.W. Hill ~

And All The California They Showed to me…

Vaya Con Dios ~ Siempre y Salud ~ Federico

My Dad Federico Sr., at Home in Palm Springs ~ 1946


My Grandfather E.W. Hill, Hollywood Backlot ~ 1938